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A New England specialty area rug is the braided rug. The braided rug is available as a multi-colored blend of fibers including olefin, acrylic, wool, nylon and blends.

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The hardwearing braided rug product family is offered in a wide range of color hues, from blues and greens to golds and tans and in-between mixes of hues. A two by three feet braided rug may cost $36 whereas the larger eight by eleven will cost under $600 including freight and handling costs. The same sized braided rug, however produced in 70% wool nylon mix will be double the cost for the same sizes throughout the category.

Braided Rugs Are A New England Specialty Product

Braided Rug
Typically a well-crafted braided rug will commence with a braiding process where wool or synthetic fibers are braided into one-inch strips. Next, the chemical dye colored strips are woven together to form the overall size for the braided rug. The last manufacturing step for the braided rug is to lash the braids together by using a highly strong color matched synthetic thread. Capel rugs reflect a well-known manufacturer brand name for woven and braided rug products.

Care for your Capel rugs or other brand of braided rug is similar to other area rug and empire carpet products. Regular vacuuming, however avoiding use of a high speed rotary style vacuum which over time has the tendency to tear at the horizontally positioned braided rug fibers (unlike an empire carpet or a Persian rug where the fibers lie in an upright vertical plane), thus will tear the fiber and cause fuzz to develop. In terms of carpet cleaning your braided rug, carpet stain should be treated by quickly removing the contaminant, sponging away excess moisture, and avoiding the use of steam cleaners on your wool fiber braided rug. Buyers may also want to investigate market offerings of sprays and protectorants for their Capel rugs throughout the home.

In the turn of the century origins to Capel rugs, western ranchers and farmers would cut old blankets and throw away bridle cloth or canvas into strips where it could be braided like a girls hair into an alternative braided rug to the animal skin area rug used in the past. In the development evolution of Capel rugs, employees rose to over 400 and now Capel rugs offers over twenty different braided rugs styles with over two hundred braid combinations. Floral and even Persian rug motifs compete with standard mid-west values in simple multi-colored Capel rugs available in all fifty states, either through online order fulfillment or via authorized retailers and distributors of braided rugs.

How to install carpet when dealing with your Capel rugs is straightforward as it is simple. Measure your room of hall way needs. Phone your order directly to your Capel rugs retailer or online web store. Wait for delivery. Unpack and then roll out your braided rug directly onto the planned location. Capel rugs, like Oriental rugs and even Legato carpet tile squares fall under the "do it yourself carpet installation" banner of consumer-friendly home furnishing products.

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