Carpet Cleaning Tips For Area Rugs And Larger Carpet Areas

For any area rug or Berber carpet, daily vacuuming over high traffic areas is the essential carpet-cleaning task that will ensure long life and vibrancy to your rug carpet furnishing décor.

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Less busy areas of your home should still receive a carpet clean at least weekly in order to avoid the build up of abrasive grind and dirt which can tear at fibers and erode the backing material such as in a Persian rug thus creating the need for carpet repair at some future date in the rug life.

Although the standard rotary vacuum is the carpet cleaning stock tool, you may also want to buy rent a specialized carpet cleaning machine to do deep steam cleaning of Beaulieu rug or Dalton carpet as may be the case in your home. Such carpet steam cleaners are highly specialized machines and are needed only occasionally in order to maintain your Karastan rug in the best condition. Only rarely, as with an Oriental rug, will you consider taking your Mohawk rug or Karastan rug to a professional carpet care firm where highly specialized carpet cleaning equipment can be used to rejuvenate your wool rug. Rug cleaning is dominated by the buyer through daily and weekly patterns of in-home maintenance, leaving extreme carpet cleaning corrective treatment to the professionals.

Grime from the outside world or even residue cooking oil can build up within your empire carpet or imported rug. Simple carpet cleaning with a vacuum may not be able to lift away the oils that are causing your wool rug or stain master Dupont carpet to look duller and gray.

Carpet cleaning can be improved by using a carpet sweeper, which is a machine which pulls up foreign matter from within your rug carpet yet does not damage the fringe border areas such as in a Karastan rug or an antique Oriental rug.

To remove a carpet stain the homeowner must immediately remove as much of the foreign matter as possible, using neutrally colored absorbent towel along with cool water and clear soap without alkaline dyes or bleaches. Certain dry powders can act as carpet cleaning agents. The powder is sprinkled over the area rug or carpet where it will combine with dirt and grease and then present itself for extraction via regular vacuuming or can be lifted out of the rug fiber via specialized carpet cleaning equipment. Some carpet cleaners are based on a dry foam which can be layered onto your tiger rug or even individual Legato carpet squares which show pronounced carpet stain damage such as when a soft drink or greasy food item has been spilled. The dry foam drifts down into the fibers and can be lifted away as it carries out some portion of the underlying dirt and grease, which may have built up over time.

A carpet extractor is associated with professional steam cleaning of Shaw carpets or individual carpet tile squares. The external hot water extraction unit is applied after the detergent-water carpet cleaner solution has been applied to the carpet stain area. In order to achieve superior results, the carpet extractor or related carpet cleaning equipment should be handled by professional rug cleaning specialists or highly knowledgeable consumers in order to avoid damage which may not be covered in the warranty issued by a carpet mill such as Mohawk carpet or Legato carpet mill.

Some alleged carpet cleaning equipment such as the rotary brush wet shampoo carpet cleaning method is not appropriate for residential rug carpet due to the high incidence of damage through improper usage.

For carpet stain issues, speed is of the essence when dealing with this carpet-cleaning situation. Clean cool water should be applied. A towel should be applied in order to absorb away the foreign matter. A detergent plus hot water can now be applied to the area rug. An ammonia plus water solution can now be applied lightly to the carpet stain area. An old fashioned remedy involves use of vinegar and water to neutralize the carpet stain and lift away the objectionable matter that was spilled.

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