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The factors that give carpet stain such a bad reputation amongst homeowners include spills and carpet stain related to alcohol, blood, soda, milk and cream, urine new and old, butter, candle wax, coffee, chewing gum, inks and marking compounds, eggs, lipstick, cooking oils, paints, motor oils, grease, rust, tea, nail varnish, vomit, and mystery unknown carpet stain sources.

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Carpet Cleaning Biggest Offenders Originate In Your Environment

When viewed as a list of known repeat offenders, these carpet stain factors turn up on outdoor carpet as well as automobile carpet and kitchen rugs or bathroom rugs and any area rug or carpet found in modern American homes. The important thing when dealing with your rug and carpet cleaning needs is to recognize that all area rug or rug carpet designs can be vulnerable to carpet stain.

Carpet Steam Cleaner

Due to the wide spread use of area rug designs such as Persian rug or Karastan rug or Mohawk carpet for entire rooms, the American consumer has also caused the development of an associated industry in specialized branded carpet cleaners developed in order to provide effective solution to the multifaceted carpet stain phenomenon familiar to most home owners.

Branded carpet cleaners include preventative manufacturing technologies imbedded within an Empire carpet or Mohawk rug such as Dupont Stainmaster. Other carpet cleaner brands include products from Bissell such as 715 and 499, from Hoover in the form of the 12-amp steam vac carpet-cleaning machine, Swedry dry carpet cleaner, Bad Do pet stain and odor remover for animal generated carpet stain. Other carpet cleaners include brands such as Dirt Devil Jaguar Deluxe carpet cleaner, 3M's specialty products such as Scotchgard protection for your carpet or area rug locations, Capture carpet cleaner, or Dupont's Stainmaster series of floor coverings. Additional details and supply contacts for these carpet cleaners can be located within this site or by designating a link to related sites dealing with carpet cleaning issues.

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