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Servicing major producers such as Mohawk Carpet Mills in their marketing effort to target and reach consumers with a wide range of rug carpet, area carpet and wall to wall carpeting products for the American and overseas marketplace, wholesale carpet market leader Empire Carpet has emerged as one of the largest wholesale direct to consumer re-sellers in the home furnishings marketplace.

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Based originally in the mid west forty years ago, Empire Carpet created a business model based on wholesale level prices for Berber carpet, area rugs, wall-to-wall carpet, carpet tiles or just about any conceivable floor furnishing. The unique "extra" in Empire Carpet business practices was to provide a carpet evaluation and buying service directly in the home of customer prospects.

Empire Carpet
Empire Carpet Is The Largest Direct To Consumer Home Furnishings Merchant

Empire Carpet customers can receive skilled technical advise from the Empire Carpet consultant, plus review the texture, color and wear characteristics of most major brands of rug and carpeting in order to best qualify the investment in carpeting for the home or office. The after-sales service division of Empire Carpet handles how to lay carpet.

By positioning itself on a direct-to-customer basis, wholesale carpet distributor Empire Carpet eliminates much of the overhead associated with retail store businesses. A portion of these savings is captured for the customer of Empire Carpet in the form of discount carpet price for new carpet purchases.

Installation following customer commitment is affected without delay. Appointments are locked in. Customer house preparations are made, as required, and then the Empire Carpet installers arrive. How to lay carpet and solve the unique needs of the buyer's home is a cinch for the experts from Empire Carpet.

Credit facilities offered to customers by Empire Carpet further distinguish the added value that Empire Carpet brings to the area rug and carpet marketplace. Buyers of brand name area rug or carpeting such as Berber carpet or Mohawk carpet as produced by any of the major carpet mill firms can locate such product at Empire Carpet and not even make a single interest or principal payment for one year. No interest and no payments for one year are only some of the incentives made by discount carpet specialist Empire Carpet to its customers in order to attract current business and to retain customer for future purchases from Empire Carpet.

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