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Area rug or carpet choices from wholesale carpet distributor Empire Carpet will provide texture options from short cut pile to longer luxuriant fiber to match any room décor needs. Color ranges supporting the texture options move into the hundreds.

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In short, a carpet customer prospect might well have 2000 individual combination possibilities to draw from when making a buying decision with Empire Carpet.

Given this American preponderance of brand and product choices for area rug or carpet purchases, the role of the Empire Carpet advisor becomes increasingly important in order to guide the buyer.

Empire Carpet
Empire Carpet Has Different Carpet Textures

Empire Carpet Plushes Extend Your Design Choices  Similar to the choices offering in color and texture for carpet purchases, buyers working with the wholesale carpet expert Empire Carpet can choose soft elegant plushes for bedroom or formal dining room settings. A wide range of colors in single-hue carpet is available from Empire Carpet warehouses in your metro market.

| Pencil point coloring finishes in the Empire Carpet Saxony line of casual carpet offer yet additional options unique to each room's character and needs.

An extremely hardy carpet choice from Empire Carpet is the Berber carpet range where the tight loop design creates a hard wearing "hand" which resists footprint marking and even the tracks from a vacuum. Earth tones in single hues or combination yarn colors taken from earth tone mixes make the Berber carpet a highly popular choice for residences and commercial settings.

Empire Carpet continues to differentiate carpet uses for its customers by working with carpet mill producers like Mohawk Carpet or Dalton Carpet to produce extremely tight loop carpet notable for its extreme hard wearing surfaces suitable to play rooms, basements, offices and so on.

Friezes represent another class of carpet choice from Empire Carpet for customers who want a highly twisted yarn look that wears well, is supported by Empire Carpet installation services, is competitively priced and offers a commanding range of color.

Tough-guy carpets, the indoor-outdoor varieties, are big winners available from Empire Carpet. Your deck or workshop or poolside areas are just some of the locations where this rugged carpet can be located. Wide ranges of color choices are offered by Empire Carpet.

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