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In addition to providing the market's best in-home dvisory service for prospective carpet buyers or people seeking an area rug or who are simply taking the first step in the market research of their carpet and rug needs, Empire Carpet offers financing plans to lessen the burden of the investment.

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Working with GE Capital, Empire Carpet can provide very flexible terms including no payments whatsoever for one year as a way to assist the qualifying buyer.

Empire Carpet Buyer Incentives Programs Offer Flexible Financing Choices

In certain promotions, Empire Carpet and its financier charge no interest for a minimum period. In other promotional offers which may be tied to a specific season and brands such as Mohawk carpet, Dalton carpet, or a particular grade and class of Berber carpet, Empire Carpet requires that the buyer merely make the then current month's principal payment e.g. stay current and no interest is charged.

Empire Carpet
The consumer promotions developed by the marketing people at Empire Carpet serve the wider interests of the entire market of producers. A carpet manufacturer such as Dalton carpet or a carpet mill such as Mohawk Carpet seek to optimize their plant manufacturing scales and efficiencies by maintaining ongoing levels of production that are matched by the consumer

demand created by wholesaler specialists like Empire Carpet. If for example Empire Carpet coordinates with a carpet mill like Dalton Carpet for a spring promotion on Berber carpet or for a Mohawk Carpet, then the manufacturer can key-up their plant to produce extra quantities of Shaw carpet or Berber carpet as the case may be in order to anticipate future consumer demand created by Empire Carpet and its carpet and rug promotion.

In moving wholesale carpet deals from carpet manufacturers and carpet mill producers to the buying public, Empire Carpet creates a critical middleman position that links producers with buyers. Empire Carpet business model succeeds further by delivering a range of additional value points including in-home rug and carpet advisory services along with the back-up service on how to lay carpet in the buyer's home based on their unique layout situation and needs.

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