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What Animal Fur Rug Choices Are Available Online? Due to modern advancements in animal husbandry along with machining and hide curing processes, a wide range of domesticated habitat animals produce skins and hides in an after-market of decorative and functional area rugs.

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In all cases, such as in the use of Australian and New Zealand sheep skin or South American apace, or cattle stock based hides, the source animal is bound to the food industry and the resulting byproduct of Fur rug is carefully regulated by the US Fish and Wildlife agency in terms of protecting animal species from human exploitation. Commercial available Fur rug product reflects a practical respectful and humane use of an animal that has been raised for meat within the food industry.

Fur Rug Choices For You To Consider

Cowhide Fur Rugs Are A Great Design Option.   Cowhide based fur rug products are processed in one of two basic manufacturing steps. The cowhide is either left in its more or less natural coloring or the cowhide is bleached white prior to receiving a stenciling or colored cowhide design transposed onto the prepared surface. These cowhides can be sourced in the USA, Canada or from Argentina and Brazil.In certain circles of cowhide aficionados, the perception holds that a generally softer more pliable and more supple fur rug can be made from cowhides produced in countries like Argentina and Brazil rather than the generally more stiff cowhide available within the USA.

Buying a Cowhide Fur Rug Online Is Straightforward. Customers seeking a cowhide fur rug can order online, and will be asked to designate preferred sizing and approximate coloring in order that the supplier be able to best match the customer's criteria. Unlike machine manufactured "cowhide" area rug products, the natural cowhide is organic in nature with the result that absolute coloring and size cannot be guaranteed. Indeed, the very irregularity of naturally sourced cowhide makes for an ideal fur rug for use around the home.

Cowhide fur rug can generally be purchased online or from catalogue based sellers or storefront retailers. Credit card payments using the major cards such as MasterCard or American Express are generally acceptable both for domestic and foreign orders. Consumers can expect prices to range from $200 on up. Specially treated calfskin fur rug can also be used as coverings for lounge suites and other furnishings, and where prices delivered start at around $400. Consumers can also go online and search for either wholesale carpet or fur rug distributors in order to compare price and delivery options from competing vendors.

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