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The story behind Mohawk Carpet Mills.  Beginning in the late 19th century the founders of Mohawk Carpet industries launched the initial product line that would take the firm into a leading producer position through to the 21st century.

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The Shuttleworth founding family originally established Mohawk Carpet Mills following the import of a shipment of second hand looms from England to the USA .

In the period between founding the predecessor firm to Mohawk Carpet Mills in 1878 and 1908, the New York based mill continued to produce a range of area carpet and area rug products for the American marketplace. Mohawk Carpet Mills then launched the Karnak brand, which was widely distributed and created a major financial success for the firm.

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Mohawk Carpet
The American market was wide open, with a variety of rug outlet offerings for consumers. Department stores were yet to come onto the market. Thomas Edison's products and electrification had barely begun to spread out from urban centers. Mohawk Carpet Mills, like the later Henry Ford, had created products, which the ordinary American household could readily afford. Area rug and larger area carpet products had traditionally been reserved for monied families and were luxury items. Now, with brands such as Karnak , the Mohawk Carpet Mills firm could mass produce the same Mohawk carpet using the same materials and same dyes without changing manufacturing set-ups for over five years.

Economies of scale mushroomed, profits escalated, and Mohawk Carpet Mills could now aggressively acquire its competitors in a strike to secure long-term market share in the area carpet industry. Major brands and processes included Axminster, Wilton , Chenille, and Velvet. Each of these Mohawk Carpet Mills' brands offered a range of colors so that home decorating could quickly become attainable for most families. In a later brand release capturing the founders' name, Mohawk Carpet Mills launched Shuttlepoint, which was a textured design, which incorporated simultaneously high and low loop feature in the same carpet. During the same period of the 1950s, Mohawk Carpet Mills technologists successfully created a woven interlock manufacturing process, which incorporated fundamentals of hand-based weaving into a machine-processing environment.

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