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Commercial success was enhanced through awareness building PR campaigns such as the association with Walt Disney where the Tommy Mohawk logo was first created for a series of animated TV commercials that were promoting Mohawk Carpet Mills branded Tommy Mohawk carpets and area rugs.

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By the 1970's and in clear anticipation of the Austin Powers comedy films that would be created in the late 1990s, Mohawk Carpet Mills launched the industry's first "shag rugs", a long pile highly textured area carpet available in many colors. Sales for Mohawk Carpet Mills shot up to $50 million or more per year, driven by yet another powerful product launch.

Mohawk Carpet
Commercial licensing of Dupont's stain master compound within the Mohawk Carpet Mills manufacturing process led to the launch in the 1980s of the Stainmaster carpet, yet another technical breakthrough in the delivery of high performance carpet product for the American household as well as commercial sector.

Mohawk Carpet Mills Serves its Consumer Base. The American consumer can research online or go to custom service centers at distributor locations in every American market in order to locate the fiber, the color and the price of a Mohawk Carpet Mills carpet for their home or office setting. These service centers are supported by trained technicians who have knowledge in area rug installation, pricing, maintenance.

Customer credit and other financing incentives are always available with Mohawk Carpet Mills products. Consumers who want to buy carpeting or an area rug or other floor rug products can easily charge the purchase and then set up a term financing plan with Mohawk Carpet Mills for paying off the purchase over time.

Mohawk Carpet Mills & Manufacturers:

Mohawk Carpet Mills' products vary across the range of kid and animal proof carpets, work and leisure carpets. Color choices for your Mohawk Carpet Mills product include black gray, brown beige, blue, green, peach rust, re mauve, violet, neutral, yellow gold as only portions of the coloring range. Essentially, the buyer can virtually match or highlight any conceivable carpet request with a product manufactured by Mohawk Carpet Mills.

In the upper tier residential market category Mohawk Carpet Mills has created the Wundaweve line. In addition to extensive color choices, buyers can opt for textures which range from the tip shears and cut pile look to sisal and loop looks. Originally based on a cotton yarn, the Wundaweve product line converted to nylon based yarn, which has been further treated with Scotchguard as well as anti-static chemicals to reduce the build up charge on the carpet after installation.

For the middle market in regards to price and functionality Mohawk Carpet Mills acquired the Aladdin mill in the late 1950s, in order to exploit a niche based on bathroom rugs, kitchen rugs and family entertainment area rug needs. Area rug and carpeting yarns within the Aladdin product family are based on nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. Room sized area rug and wall-to-wall carpeting can be purchased within the Aladdin product family, as well in broadloom textures and multiple color choices.

Trademark restricted yarns produced by Dupont and others including Stainmaster and Weardated were incorporated into the brands produced by Galaxy Mills, before being acquired by Mohawk Carpet Mills in 1995. Galaxy brands reflect an extremely wide milling capability, of up to fifteen feet per manufacturing run, which created a category all to itself both domestically and for the export market.

Ever restless to dominate the carpet marketplace Mohawk Carpet Mills acquired the Dalton carpet mill business, which was responsible for developing the Horizon brand of area rug and wall-to-wall carpeting products. Similar to other mid-range Mohawk Carpet Mills lines, the Horizon line covers most price points, includes most color and texture options from its modern carpet mill operation in Calhoun , Georgia .

Another carpet mill in Dalton , Georgia attracted the attention of Mohawk Carpet Mills management. This carpet mill, known as World Carpets, specialized in tufted carpet aimed at the mid-to-high range buyer market that would pay a premium to achieve a more fashion look in the home or commercial setting. An innovator carpet mill, World Carpets with the financial strength and backing from Mohawk Carpet Mills has grown the branded tufted carpet category into a strong nationally distributed brand.

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