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Consumers buying products from Mohawk Carpet Mills receive additional warranty protection in plans offering anywhere from five year to twenty year limited stain warranty. To qualify however, the installation of the Mohawk Carpet must be approved as regards proper cushioning and support, plus the installation of the Mohawk Carpet must occur in single-family owner occupied residences.

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Mohawk Carpet Mills' Product Warranties Vary By Brand

The surface pile of the Mohawk Carpet Mills carpet is warranted against stains from most foods and beverages except those items specifically mentioned in the warranty contract.

Mohawk Carpet
Manufacturing defects are also warranted by Mohawk Carpet Mills, which will affect necessary repairs on any such defect upon review and acceptance of field inspector's reports and testing of sample carpet. Mohawk Carpet Mills restricts the warranty to the original owner in the original residence where installation occurred and Mohawk Carpet Mills will replace any acknowledged defect with carpeting of equal value.

In terms of rate of abrasion or wear and tear, Mohawk Carpet Mills warrants that the customer's area rug or carpeting will not degrade by a factor of 10% over the specified term of the warranty.  So called high use areas may qualify for complete replacement by Mohawk Carpet Mills under the warranty plan. Improper installation, improper padding, the placement of sports equipment or heavy objects which crush fiber invalidate the warranty.

Mohawk Carpet Mills asserts the right to provide guidelines on recommended cushions in order to protect your Mohawk Carpet over its normal life cycle. Too soft or too thick cushioning negatively impacts the life of the Mohawk Carpet by exposing specific areas to excess stress. For example, a Berber carpet or alternative style Mohawk Carpet should have a cushion 3/8" thick and offering six pounds per cubic foot density. Cushion densities range up to 7/16" thick and with density ratings up to eighteen pounds per cubic foot.

Excessive pile crushing or matting or loss of yarn is also warranted by Mohawk Carpet Mills, provided that the carpet mill accepts the quality of the original installation.

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