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Like other carpet manufacturer, Mohawk Carpet Mills provides customers with basic and easy guides to normal maintenance issues such as treatment of stains and spills. If for example a plate of food is accidentally dropper onto your Berber carpet, then you should use a dull knife like a butter knife to carefully scrape the larger food items off the Berber carpet.

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Begin as soon as possible and work from the outside of the spill on your Berber carpet towards the center. Mohawk Carpet Mills recommends that you avoid rubbing in a motions that would result in fuzzing of your area rug. Use non-bleach based clear cleaning liquids in order to limit the build up of cleaning residues, which would affect coloring and visual quality of your Mohawk Carpet product.  After use of laundry even on a trademark fiber Dupont carpet, you should rinse with a clear water and damp dry with a white non-colored cloth or towel in order to limit any color exchange.

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Mohawk Carpet Mills advice on Rug Maintenance

Apart from the more dramatic spills and clean up events described above, Mohawk Carpet Mills suggests that customers commit to a regular schedule of vacuuming of their Berber carpet. Deposits of dirt contain hard stony particles, which can act as abrasive agents to wear down the fiber of your Mohawk Carpet unless removed via weekly cleaning or more often as needs dictate. Consumers who are short on free time may revolt to learn that a carpet manufacturer like Mohawk Carpet Mills strongly encourages daily vacuuming for high traffic areas, twice weekly vacuuming for mid-traffic areas and the balance of your Berber carpet zones minimally once per week. Considering the investment costs of your Mohawk Carpet and you should welcome the advice brought by the industry's premier firm of carpeting experts.

In order to reduce incoming abrasive particles, Mohawk Carpet Mills advises customers to use welcome mats and other catch mats in strategic entrance areas. Your Berber carpet should also be protected from unusual exposure to harsh direct sunlight as degradation can occur.Heavy furnishing such as pianos or lounge suites should be placed atop coasters in order to spread the load over a wider surface area of your Mohawk Carpet.

Household chemical rate additional advisory warnings from the carpet manufacturer, Mohawk Carpet Mills. Mildew cleaners, bleaches, plant foods, tile cleaning compounds are only a few of the sort of "normal" household cleaning products which can break down fiber and coloring in your Berber carpet in the event of accidental spillage. Every two years or so scheduled maintenance in the form of power hot steam treatment for your Mohawk Carpet is recommended in order to extract the deeply imbedded oils and other materials which work their way into the Berber carpet over time.

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