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Most Persian rug designs, no matter if produced in rural Iran or in eastern Iraq, are meant to be functional objects and used on a daily basis. Although an American consumer may wonder about an imported rug where no warranty is provided and the weaver manufacturer may dwell in a rural village in Iran, their oriental rug will be supported by the local import or retail rug carpet seller in terms of general care and even repair.

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The local Persian rug dealer wishes to consolidate their position within a community, therefore will do whatever is possible to ensure that you buy the oriental rug that provides the quality, design, coloring and value that you can afford.

Oriental Rug Care Requires Knowledge And Commitment

Buyer should nevertheless examine the Oriental rug for signs of wear or damage prior to buying. Loosely knotted rugs, such as the rural produced Tibetan rug, are examples of Oriental rug that will not bear up to heavy furnishing being placed on top of the rug. Knowing the future location within your home for the Oriental rug that you like and can afford will influence your choice of Persian carpet or area rug.

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The major threats to your Persian rug are damp and dirt. Damp can work its way into the fiber of your rug carpet and potentially rot the weave. Meanwhile, dirt particles can work their way into an imbedded position within your oriental rug and eventually act as an abrasion to damage the knots. After many years of regular maintenance, your imported rug should be taken to a professional oriental rug cleaning firm where it can be carefully and thoroughly refreshed.

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