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In considering purchase of an oriental rug, buyers can become exposed to a plethora of rug design choices. The Oriental rug carpet making city of Heriz in Persia offers narrow, soft colored Persian rug with high knot density especially on the silk rug pieces.

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In the Caucasian region Oriental rug runners and stair carpets from Karaja and Tabriz have been well known since the Middle Ages. Kurdistan trades in imported rug to Europe where the Persian rug designs are still weaved by nomads and peasants based on high quality wool and natural colors.

Oriental Rug Knots Are One Method For Determining Value And Price

Kurdish workshops produce sophisticated oriental carpet products for sale along with Bijar, which produced thick yarn high knot content Persian wool rug. Kurdish knot making at Senneh derives from Turkish knot designs for their Persian rug pieces, even while Senneh provided its name to the Persian knot design.

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Meanwhile, Bakhtiari Persian rug products are created in the south west regions and exhibit tree of life motifs, diamonds and asymmetrical designs themes running throughout the oriental rug center panel and edging. Nain weavers of Persian rug designs utilize the Persian knot in as much as 600 knots per square inch. By contrast, a Tibetan tiger rug may have 125 knots per square inch.

Remarkably, in the middle of the most arid region bearing ferocious summers, the Kashan tribe continues to produce high quality silk and wool rug pieces of great popularity internationally. The list of outstanding Oriental rug producers continues through areas such as Shiraz , Kashkai, Kerman , Afshar rug, and then north to Turkey to include Persian carpet from Transylvania, Istanbul , Bergama , Smyrna , Sparta , Melas, to name some.

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