Rooster Rug - French Country Rooster Rugs

Popular with many people seeking a relaxed country ambiance in their home furnishings, the rooster rug can add charm as an area rug of up to eight by eleven feet or in smaller sizes of rooster rug used in the kitchen, as welcome rugs, or under coffee tables. In the synthetic family of rooster rug products produced by smaller carpet mill firms, a soft polypropylene composition bears the traditional rooster design against many colored backdrops.

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Rooster Rugs Can Be Synthetic Based

Sizes and prices for polypropylene based rooster rug designs range from two by three foot rooster rugs for under $20 on up to eight by ten foot rooster rug designs for under $250. A rooster rug might qualify during promotion periods to become a discount carpet item from major high volume wholesale carpet dealers in many markets.

Rooster Rug
Rooster Rug Choices You Have In Wool.  People seeking a quality upgrade in their rooster rug can also buy in wool from their wholesale carpet outlet, where the rooster is woven into the background coloring of beige or black or a wide range of alternative colors. A four by six foot wool woven rooster rug will be priced at around $400. As the rooster rug design is scaled up to a maximum size of eleven by fourteen feet with specialized suppliers, prices adjust upwards to $2500 or more.

Delivery charges for rooster rug vary by vendor. Online shoppers can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express to credit their purchases of a rooster rug, knowing also that their personal data will remain confidential.

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