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Commencing post WWI as a small privately held dye company providing proprietary coloring technologies for area rug and floor rug product of varying dimensions, Shaw Carpet  has expanded its business model in terms of carpet and area rug product lines.

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Seeking additional financial strength necessary to take Shaw Carpet to the number one carpet mill producer position, Shaw Carpet accepted a takeover offer from the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate controlled by investor, Warren Buffet.

Shaw Carpet manages over 30,000 employees and has multiple carpet manufacture plants supporting its Dalton, Georgia headquarters. In production volumes annually Shaw Carpet processes of six hundred million square feet of carpet and rug and flooring products.

Shaw Carpet
Shaw Carpet Creates Great Area Rug And Carpet Choices For You

By the late 1960's Shaw Carpet altered its business model to include aggressive development of carpet manufacturer operations, thus controlling underlying technologies related to carpet coloring as well as the final product. Supporting its own merger and acquisition strategy, Shaw Carpet and its holding company were taken public in the 1970s on over $40 million sales base. Financially stronger Shaw Carpet rapidly expanded their producer side carpet mill operation and by mid 1980s had elevated sales ten fold to over $500 million, along with increasing employee numbers to over 5,000.

The Shaw Carpet business model controlled continuous dye production, owned its own yarn production facility, developed a fleet of Shaw Carpet trucks to service retail and wholesale carpet sellers, established large scale distribution inventory centers to speed deliveries regionally, acquiring polypropylene fiber plants in order to directly design and produce Berber carpet as the industry's low cost producing carpet mill conglomerate. Although acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, Shaw Carpet continues to produce exceptional revenues at over $4 billion annually from all divisions. Shaw Carpet is presently the world's largest carpet manufacturer.

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