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If you're searching for a luxuriant and textural fur rug product that can be placed in a light-use or light traffic area of your home or dwelling, then you might want to consider the Alpaca.

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Alpaca is a form of wool produced by the Alpaca animal, which is native to the high Andes Mountains of South America , where its natural habitat can exceed 12,000 feet above sea level. Alpaca wool is considered high quality specialty wool, which is light but offers heat-trapping thermal qualities surpassing most other wools, which explains its use as a throw rug beneath chairs or even its use as a bed top blanket

How Do You Locate Alpaca and Sheep Skin Rugs?

In order to better appreciate the Alpaca fur rug, consumers should understand that these animals are typically raised in captivity in order to shear their coat once a year. Their wool is of a fine nature, which results in a very light and textural fur rug. However, the Alpaca Fur rug is considered delicate accordingly cannot withstand heavy foot traffic or it will lose its integrity. Alpaca fur rug can be used as a small area rug, or as a wall hanging, a covering for a fireplace hearth or even as a bedspread e.g. all areas with limited foot traffic which would be damaging to the Alpaca.

Sheepskin Rug
In the traditions of high Andes animal husbandry, the Alpaca is valued more for its wool than its pelt or hide, therefore the ranchers raise them carefully in order to be able to "harvest" their wool annually. At the same time as the ranchers attempt to husband the Alpaca, the surrounding harsh Andean winters bring early death to over a third of the animals, thus naturally contributing a further supply of wool and pelt to the Inca industry responsible for raising the Alpaca. No animals are ever slaughtered in order to supply the fur rug industry.

How Do You Plan Your Fur Rug Purchase? Customers seeking an Alpaca fur rug can research pricing, quality and availability of variously sized Alpaca area rugs either online or via catalogue sales firms or in certain cases with specialty boutique retailers of fur rug. As a guide to category pricing, a two-foot by three-foot Alpaca fur rug with either a plain or geometric design will cost no less than $200. Larger sized Alpaca rugs will be priced proportionately higher.

Both domestic and international wholesale carpet and fur rug sellers actively promote online sales and will process orders backed by major credit cards such as American Express or MasterCard. Consumer ordering information is kept private and order processing encryption software is used to safeguard credit card billing data.

Care for an Alpaca fur rug includes light brushing in order to remove any objects, as well as vacuuming or cleaning undertaken by an experienced dry cleaner used to working with delicate hides and fur rug such as Alpaca. However, Alpaca fur rug will not survive machine washing due to its delicacy. Spots and stains can be treated with light washing using mild soap and water mixture, avoiding too much water to drain to the leather skin where it would be absorbed and potentially ruin the fur rug.

Sheep skin Rugs Are Another Design Option To Consider. In general the Australian and New Zealand sheep skin fur rug is a thicker pile, more robust pelt that can withstand high traffic use. By contrast, South American sheep skin fur rug is considered lighter, less robust, and more functional in decorative usages inviting limited exposure to foot traffic or touching and handling.

Sheep skin fur rug can be machine washed on the "wool setting" or hand-washed. Wash water temperature should be kept cool at around 105 degrees F. Do not use washing powders containing alkaline enzymes or bleach as this destroys the fiber integrity. Your sheep skin fur rug can also be professionally dry cleaned by firms knowledgeable in the cleaning of furs and leathers. Sheep skin based fur rug can be dried outdoors, away from direct sunlight, which at this stage of the sheep skin can be highly damaging. Your sheep skin fur rug should not be placed on a radiator heater nor exposed to fan generated hot air as this will cause a loss in lanolin, leaving the fur rug dry and brittle. Storage of your sheep skin fur rug should avoid use of plastic bags, rather a wooden box or equivalent neutral environment is the best guide to long life storage in order to avoid build up of condensation and mold.

Most online sellers of sheep skin fur rug products offer items based on a single hide, double-stitched hides, triple and quadruple stitched hides. Prices range from less than $80 to upwards of $700 based on the size and quality of the sheep skin fur rug. Customers can secure their fur rug order with major credit cards such as MasterCard or American Express or a Citibank card or equivalently rated charge card. Unlike, say, a wool rug where the buyer has to either know or hire someone to determine how to lay carpet throughout a residence, the sheep skin fur rug can be placed quickly and without additional installation costs into virtually every nook and cranny of a residence.

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