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Natural fiber sisal area rugs represent a significant alternative in the home and floor furnishings industry. The all natural fiber sisal rug derives from the sisal cactus plant grown in Brazil and Africa, which yields annual growth of two to three foot long sisal fiber woven into varying sized sisal rug products by the various producers.

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Unlike jute or seagrass, the sisal rug can also be combined with wool to mix the best properties of each fiber in a soft yet hard wearing hybrid sisal rug.

Sisal Rug And Natural Fiber Products Create Textural Looks In Your Home

Natural fiber based sisal rug products - sisal or wool or seagrass or hemp - utilize no foreign chemicals, thus are biologically inert which can be an important health consideration in the context of increasingly air tight and potentially toxic internal home and office environments.

Sisal Rug

Additionally your sisal rug breathes and will regulate humidity levels within your home. Also, your sisal rugs do not collect electro-static charge thus eliminating that annoying "zap" that can occur on a nylon synthetic area rug. Your sisal rug is definitely an indoors area rug only and should not be installed as an outdoor carpet as the presence of water and weather will rapidly degrade the fiber of your sisal rug and shorten its life time and value for you.

Color choices for sisal rug and sisal carpet products include bone, beige, light green, sand, birch, black sand, khaki, caramel, tan and multiple color blends based on weaving variously colored sisal or wool fibers together for the same sisal rug.

Size availabilities for sisal rug products range from three feet in width up to thirteen feet in width by fifteen feet in length, with small sizes of sisal rug in increments of one inch I either direction of width or length. Including shipping, your largest available size sisal rug would cost over $1,000. A sisal rug can be bought as a carpet runner and requires that the buyer measure their hallway needs. The sisal rug distributor can then cut the carpet runner to the exact size of your hallway. Sisal carpet installation in the case of a carpet runner is as simple as opening the shipping box and unrolling the latex backed carpet runner into position down your hallway.

When purchased for wall-to-wall installation pricing for your sisal carpet should be based on a budget of around $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot. In order to make the proper installation your sisal rug should be installed by a professional with experience in natural fiber area rug carpet products. Generally, a sisal rug or sisal carpet do not require underlay padding, rather rely upon the standard latex backing to provide a slip-free backing surface. Your sisal rug, like Oriental rugs and even Legato carpet tile squares fall under the "do it yourself carpet installation" category of consumer-friendly home furnishing products.

Maintenance for your sisal rug is generally similar to Oriental rug and / or Mohawk carpet maintenance standards. You should vacuum your sisal rug daily on high traffic areas, less frequently on low traffic areas. If your sisal rug experiences a carpet stain, then you need to react quickly to remove the foreign matter. You should avoid soaking a sisal rug since the fiber will likely retain a watermark after cleaning. A cleverly conceived carpet-cleaning product is available for your sisal rug, based on acrylic polymer fabric protective spray, which creates a water barrier across your sisal rug.

Buyers can order their sisal rug online following a prior measurement of the area rug needs and rooms where the sisal rug can be installed. Major credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard are accepted for purposes of completing an online order for a sisal rug. The sisal rug distributors will arrange freight via UPS or equivalent shipping service. Sisal rug and carpet warehouse operators maintain significant current inventories, accordingly can process your sisal rug order normally within one business week so that you're not delayed in moving ahead with your home décor decisions.

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