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The key to the price value and long-term functionality of Legato Carpet Squares is the fact that you can install and replace the Legato Carpet Squares system based on your needs.

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For your home design a carpet squares template is provided in order to guide the installation. You'll require a sharp knife and gloves when dealing with Legato Carpet Squares during installation. How to lay carpet using the Legato Carpet Squares is simple and fast.

Legato Carpet Do It Yourself Carpet Squares Return Installation Control To You

The carpet squares are affixed to transition strips. Cutting and trimming of Legato Carpet Squares can be done with a knife with retractable blade.  You'll need a two-foot ruler and marker along with a tape measure and chalk line in order to mark each section correctly.

Legato Carpet Squares can be installed on any solid clean floor e.g. wood, concrete, sub-floor etc. that is dry clean level and smooth. Because the carpet squares will be installed flush to the wall, you need to consider removing the baseboard as well as any prior tacking strip. Legato Carpet Squares install best when they've been stored for one day in a temperature between sixty and ninety degrees. Any holes should be repaired in the floor prior to installing Legato Carpet Squares. Legato carpet tile squares - like Capel rugs or even Oriental rug products - fall under the "do it yourself carpet installation" segment of consumer-friendly home furnishing products.

Carpet Squares

All Legato Carpet Squares are produced with a trademarked adhesive backing, which is key to the installation process. Buyer must have carefully measured the target room in order to determine how to lay carpet using the Legato Carpet Squares system with the minimum of wastage. Cutting of the carpet squares is done by using the template provided in the Legato Carpet Squares packing box.

Fitting transitions pieces can help in installing the Legato Carpet Squares system when the flooring moves between two surfaces such as wood and vinyl. For any tufts with the carpet squares that gets bound into the adhesive join area, then the buyer can simply use a butter knife or like dull tool to easily lift up the bound tufts in order to perfect the seam.

Bottom line, the beauty of the Legato Carpet Squares system is that you can now control wear and tear and spills and accidents tile-by-tile rather than have to clean or remove an entire room's carpet or a large area rug. Milliken carpet technologists continue to investigate to tools and technologies to deliver wholesale carpet value and convenience to consumers.

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