Tiger Skin Rug - Wool Rugs from Tibet

The classic Tibetan Tiger rug catalogued not merely the symbolic power and fear of the tiger, moreover imposed a certain cultural attempt at controlling the tiger by enlisting spiritual forces contained in the background coloring of the rug.

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A saffron like color choice for the background of the Tiger rug infused a direct religious and supernatural control element into the area rug design, suggesting that the tiger might ultimately be subject to control by higher forces, so long as the weaver made such attributions clear within the Tiger rug composition. Such monastic references are common themes within a true Tiger rug.

What Tiger Rug Color Choices Do You Have?

Tiger Rug
In order to distinguish more purely antique Tibetan Tiger rug from modern derivative area-rug design, buyers can study the color choice and shadings of the Tiger rug as a guide when assessing the quality of alternative Tibetan rug products. The presence of softer shades of saffron-orange or blues or even a more natural beige untreated wool can be indicators of a true antique Tibetan Tiger rug. Where the colors are stronger, such as in the greens and blues, then the Tiger rug is likely to be new and modern and certainly based on Chinese color influences.

Since Tibet has been closed off to the outside world since 1950 by the Chinese Maoist regime, Oriental rug dealers have found it difficult to source original Tibetan rug and, more specifically, Tiger rug product for export. Travel and trade controls have relaxed by the 21st century to permit some enterprising rug dealers to set up supply relationships in Lhasa and Kathmandu .

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