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The Legato Carpet Squares system is trademarked and copyright protected by Milliken & Company, a major research and producer firm with sixty five production facilities world wide and owner of over 1800 patents related to carpet research. The Legato Carpet Squares carpet system is an evolutionary product combining functionality and beauty into a flexible home furnishing statement for buyers.

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Carpet Squares Emphasize Functionality And Savings

As an example of wide spread availability, Legato Carpet Squares in magnolia or suede color carpet tiles can be found at all Home Depot stores nationally, making it as easy as going to your local Home Depot store to design and buy the perfect Legato Carpet Squares system for your house or commercial setting.

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In order to assist buyers in planning the correct color and quantity of Legato Carpet Squares for their house, Milliken & Company offer an online project planning tool which elevates a number of traditionally obscure design issues to top line awareness for the buyer. Where will your Legato Carpet Squares meet other walls or flooring or furnishing objects?  How do you coordinate the overall look you're seeking with the assortment of carpet squares and colors offered by the Legato Carpet Squares system?  Answers to these core home design questions can be found on line as well as in your Home Depot décor center where on site specialists can assist. Carpet prices for the Legato Carpet Squares system are extremely competitive, especially since the labor cost has been eliminated because the buyer does the installation. Essentially, the Legato Carpet Squares system delivers a wholesale carpet price-value opportunity to buyers across the country.

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