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You Have Many Zebra Rug Buyer Choices. Buyers and home decorators interested in a Zebra rug can direct their search into two broad categories of supplier. The first set of suppliers includes those licensed firms operating in African countries where their local government administers an annual program of animal husbandry and wildlife management requiring the culling of specific numbers of zebra each year.

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These Zebra rug producers are government regulated, subject to licensing quota, and must have a properly constituted US importer acting as the re-selling agent for the Zebra rug under the US Fish And Wildlife permitting process. Imported Zebra rug product reflects regulated bush land kills and will not utilize animals registered under the US endangered species legislation.

How Do You Locate A Zebra rug?

In researching possible African-USA suppliers of authentic Zebra rug product, the buyer can order online or can possibly identify US based retailers who might be acting as licensed distributor. Pricing is governed by the size of the zebra, quality of the hide and whether there are excess marking or flaws that may have arisen from scarring and slash wounds from lion attacks or cacti thorns or jutting stick that may have injured the zebra while roaming the savannah.

Zebra rug source skins are tanned while in Africa. Each zebra skin is then provided with a heavy black colored felt backing in order that it provide the best appearance and be ready to lay upon delivery to the end buyer.

What Is A Common Zebra Rug Pricing Guide?  The top-of-the-line highest quality Zebra rug will be of dimensions minimally 5' X 9'. The skin will be effectively flawless, with little discernable marking, and with synchronous zebra marking across the hide. Buyers should expect to pay up to $2,000 inclusive of freight, customs and duty.

Buyers seeking product less than trophy quality can buy a similarly sized Zebra rug at price points of $1,500 to around $900.

As quality and grade drop as well as overall size of the Zebra rug, buyers will still be investing $700 to $800 for a Zebra rug with dimensions of approximately 5' X 8', however evidencing some blemishes


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