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AKG K171 MKII High Quality, Closed Back, On Ear Headphones for Studio Use

The AKG K 171 Professional Headphones are designed for the DJ behind the mic. Specifically designed for broadcast applications, the AKG K 171's make sure none of what comes through to your ears will accidently end up being picked up by the mic.

They have all the features you are looking for like a dynamic closed-back system and low frequency setup to give the loudest and best sound to the wearer. With professional features like a gold plated 1/8" connector with 1/4" adapter, a maximum input of 200 mW, and high performance ambient noise reduction. These headphones give you plenty of freedom to roam too with an included 10 foot straight cable and an interchangeable 16 foot coiled cable.

Sure, you love to have performance in your set of headphones but you know there is one other critical component to include: comfort. The AKG K 171's don't disappoint here, with leatherette and velvet ear pads as well as a self-adjusting head band, you can wear the 171's for hours knowing that you will be comfortable throughout the experience. These headphones can take a beating too, with a rugged construction and durable parts, these headphones are ready for a long lifetime on your head. They are made to be kept loud as well with a nice low and wide frequency range from 18 hZ to 26000 hZ.


- Wide and Low frequency range: 18 - 26000 hZ

- Max input: 200 mW

- 1/8 inch gold plated connector, 1/4 inch adapter

- 10 foot straight cable, 16 foot coiled cable

- Leatherette and velvet ear pads

- Self-adjusting head band, super durable

Bringing performance and comfort to the DJ is what the AKG K171 Professional Headphone system provides. Not only will you be able to hear all your music in loud, high-quality, stereo sound, but all that sound is isolated within each ear so that it doesn't happen to spill into the live microphone. You can wear these headphones all day with the comfort of soft cushion and a self-adjusting strap. Move around in the studio with either an extra long straight or coiled cord, its your choice. You will never want to put these headphones down, and thats why they are made extra durable, for long time or even lifetime usage.

Manufacturer's Product Details: AKG




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