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AKG K242 HD Hi Definition Semi Open Studio Quality Headphones

Outstanding performance and exceptional comfort makes the AKG K242 HD Headphones the ideal choice for any application demanding totally uncolored sound. A super comfortable, lightweight design with extra large speakers with Varimotion diaphragms for high sensitivity, allows for the tradition of AKG headphones to live up to their name.

The world-wide reputation of AKG is highly regarded amongst DJ's everywhere due to their reliability, ruggedness, and sound quality.

AKG K242 HD headphones sit over the ear in a circumaural style of earphone. The style, so close to the ear, keeps the drivers in close proximity to the ear of the listener. Versatile enough to fit any music style, you are guaranteed to enjoy to selection of music you have.

The closed back earphones also have non-slip elastomer inserts for even the hottest and sweatiest of events.

The treble in the AKG K242 HD headphone is clear and flawless, but is not overly pronounced over other frequencies. Without being harsh or overly bright, the presets, cymbal crashes, and electrical notes are measured and composed.

An advantage to the AKG K-242 HD is that the listeners can pick out musical elements and backing instruments that would normally be veiled or muffled. For example, sweet reverberating strings suddenly become prominent and clear to the listener.

The bass of the headphones is incredibly tight and quick, however it does not seem to extend as low as the roll off might initially suggest. The K-242 HD might sound slightly empty is you are not one hundred percent sure what to expect of the earphones.

If you are used to a more slow, decaying subwoofer bass, you may be left wanting more from the head phones, as the bass does have a kick but it does not linger long. You may keep in mind though that this is however a more realistic reproduction of music.

The one flaw- if it is even a real flaw- is that these headphones are so exceptional, that they are able to pick out every imperfection. Prepare yourself to sit in agony if you are going to listen to low quality music, or streaming Internet radio. You will notice compression effects and distortion unless the source you are listening to is perfect. These headphones have a remarkable three-dimensional sound, allowing for selection of individual instruments in a bi-anaual orchestra.

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