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AKG K271 MKII Open Back, Circumaural Reference Class Headphones

The AKG K 271 Studio Professional Headphones are a great pair of headphones if you are looking for an all-around headphone. One that provides both recording and live monitoring sound quality and the features you would expect from a high performance, professional headphone system.

These headphones provide around-the-ear closed-back dynamic systems to isolate the noise to your ears and reduce ambient outside sounds. They provide great sound with a wide frequency response from 16 hZ to 28000 hZ and have gold plated 1/4 inch connectors.

As with any AKG headphone they come with 2 separate cords to interchange, one a 10 foot straight cord and the other a 16 foot coiled cord.

Comfort and versatility go hand in hand with the 271's from AKG. The big comfy leatherette and velvet ear pads can also be rotated 90 degrees to provide for single sided monitor use.

Of course these headphones also have the AKG self-adjusting head band so anyone can pick up these headphones and instantly be surprised that they fit their head perfectly. Don't be doubtful that these headphones can't put out amazing sound, they feature a max input of 200 mW, so they are ready for any levels you bring at them.

Professional Features:

- 10 foot straight cable, 16 foot coiled

- Super wide frequency range: 16 - 28000 hZ

- Gold plated 1/4 inch connection

- Around the ear, closed-back dynamics

- Max input: 200 mW

- Comfy, reversible ear pads

- Self-adjusting head band

If you are looking for a great mid-range professional headphone system for both in the recoding studio and behind the turn tables, check out the AKG K 271 Pro Headphones. High quality features like a wide frequency range, 200 mW input, and reversible ear cups come standard with the 271's. Not to mention, be comfortable in the 271's with a self-adjusting strap, around the ear cups and soft, leatherette and velvet pads. These headphones are a great way to get more out of your music and provide the pro features you need to be a great musician in the studio or at the club.

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