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AKG K601 Open Back Headphones

The K601 is the little sister model of the K701; less advanced, but still a very well designed piece of equipment, perfect for anyone who truly loves every aspect of music and how it is created.

Anybody who truly appreciates high-end equipment is sure to be pleased by the AKG K601. These headphones are incredibly detailed, with crisp sounds, while the open back headphones offer excellent wearing comfort.

An extremely accurate high frequency response with a powerful low-end response is created as a result of the AKG Varimotion two layer diaphragm.

Evenly balanced, with a nice sense of transparency, the K601 is a marvelous headphone that is both dynamic and well controlled. The only aspect lacking in the design is in the resolving power and the nuanced detail resolution.

Although a great model of AKG headphones, this model falls just short of it's big brother, the K701 model. Despite the highs being slightly recessed, they still manage to remain quite clear and refined. These headphones are recommended for those who seek well-priced, dynamic sounding headphones while avoiding grainy scratchiness in mid-range and upper treble frequencies.

The overall performance of the K601 is greatly improved by the AKG Varimotion diaphragm. The Varimotion diaphragm is designed to provide better pistonic motion and acoustic control. For optimum listening, the K 601 works best after a much needed "burn in time", which allows the headphones to fully relax and sound their best.

This takes into effect after about three hundred hours of listening. This is truly required before the full audio effects of the K601 can be truly recognized and enjoyed musically.

The overall appearance of the AKG K 601 is a sleek, slick design. Coloration of the headphones is a dark gray with chrome and light gray accents. Not only are these headphones stylish enough for the clubs, but they are incredibly lightweight as well. Many reviews applaud the ergonomics of these headphones, as well as the supreme fit around the head and ears, especially after hours of listening enjoyment. In many reviews, the AKG K 601 comes highly recommended and available at a reasonable price.

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