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AKG K701 Open Back Studio Headphones with Flat Wire Voice Coil

The AKG K701 is a superb quality of headphone, allowing for ultimate listening quality due to it's highly perfected design including their patented Varimotion speakers.

The AKG K701 is the closest way for any music enthusiast to "bring the music home". Built for ultimate response and accuracy, the K701 is an open back headphone built with a two level diaphragm patented through Varimotion. This design is comparable to that of the legendary K1000. The K701 will turn any musical perception into pure enjoyment.

As a result of several new breakthroughs and technological advances, highs sparkle brilliantly, while the bass remains smooth and punchy.

The AKG K701 is in a class of it's own due to it's specific features. These features include flat wire voice coils, Varimotion speakers, 3-D foam ear pads and bi-wire oxygen free copper cables.

For improvement of efficiency and enhancing HF accuracy, a flat wire voice coil, which better concentrates the magnetic field within the voice coil, optimizes the coil fill factor; AKG's patented Varimotion design with two layer diaphragm delivers phenomenal imagery while eliminating all distortion; to optimize reproduction quality and channel separation, the AKG K701 includes a bi-wire oxygen free copper cable.

Designed specifically for an ergonomical fit, 3-D foam ear pads are used along with a self-adjusting padded glove leather headband intended for ultimate comfort.

The basis of the K701's superior audio performance is in the AKG Varimotion speaker. The diaphragm in the speaker is made up of a tiny, thin foil, which is needed to accomplish any artistic feats. The center portion of the speaker moves like a piston, with no partial oscillations, while the rim of the diaphragm vibrates elastically.

The result of this advanced headphone technology is realistic sound qualities while still providing a powerful bass range. This ingenious headphone engineering is the basis for AKG popularity amongst DJ's worldwide. Headquartered in Vienna, AKG holds over 1,500 worldwide musical engineering patents. These patents are the foundation of all AKG products.

Not only is the AKG K701 a superior product but according to an AKG 701 review, these headphones are reviewed as extremely comfortable. Comfort is the keys to hours mixing and recording music in the studio. The K701 coddles the head and ears comfortably without slipping.

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