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AKG K81 Closed Back Foldable DJ Style Headphones – K 181 High Performance Headphone

For nearly sixty years, AKG has been building its international reputation as the best in the business. AKG has worked diligently to become known as the world's most elite supplier of microphones, headphones, and wireless systems. The signature AKG sound is the basis for the reputation and popularity of all AKG products

The features on the AKG K-81DJ and the AKG K-181 include a 3D-Axis professional folding system, bass boost switch, Stereo/Mono selector, and a high sound pressure level system.

These qualities make for the K-181DJ to be the ultimate tool for high performance DJing with closed back headphones and maximum SPL. These qualities make for an extremely rugged pair of headphones that are both easily folded and bent into any listening position.

To develop these ultimate DJ Headphones, such as the AKG K-181DJ and AKG K81, AKG engineers mixed their experience and knowledge with suggestions made by top DJ's worldwide.

Their goals were to achieve extreme durability, impeccable sound and maximum SPL. The 3D-Axis folding system makes it easy to adjust AKG's new folding DJ headphones to any listening position. The sonic impact that DJ's demand with little distortion is delivered through high power rating.

All the while, the Stereo/Mono feature selector allows for optimum single earphone monitoring for any listening environment. The Sound Selector is a switch that adjusts the bass intensity to match the listening environment of either a small or large club setting. AKG has become the first and only manufacturer to offer this feature, which has been requested by top DJ's all over the world.

The construction of the AKG K-181DJ and AKG K81 headband is made up of plastic polymer with small foam padding built in under the headband for extra-added comfort. The spura-aural ear cups are a bit smaller than the circumaural style ear pad, as they tend to rest on the outside part of the ears, rather than around the entire ear.

With donut style openings in the center, the pads are covered with a stylish, plush black pleather. The ear cups fold via hinges into the headband intended for compacting down for travel, while also allowing swivel capabilities of two hundred and seventy degrees.

The single sided, easily detachable six-foot straight headphone cable in terminated into a gold plated 1/8" (3.5 mm) mini plug. Another variation, a coiled cable, is also available through AKG. Lastly, the headphones come with a handy carry pouch and full size screw on ¼" adaptor.

Manufacturer's Product Details: AKG

K181 DJ nominated the best DJ Headphones at DJTech Awards



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