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In 1947, Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless, both of Austria, created a superior line of products used in clubs, theaters and radio stations. AKG started with a mere five workers assembling headphones by hand and blossomed into a leader in professional audio equipment.

AKG remained a favorite of professionals for decades. In 1980, AKG equipped the Moscow Olympics with digital equipment. This move introduced the world to AKG. Orders poured in for their quality headphones.

Since that day, AKG won its rightful place as a leading producer of audio equipment for professionals and consumers. They continue to develop state-of-the-art headphones adding new technology every day.

Highlights of AKG’s Headphones Development

Two years after their company launched, AKG created the K-50 headphones. This model introduced professionals to supra-aural construction. At the time, stars like Frank Sinatra became hooked on them.

Remember Eddie Murphy’s hit in 1986, “Party All the Time”? The headphones Eddie wore in the video were the AKG K-240s.

In 2003, AKG gained new ground when author Dan Brown highlighted the headphones in his best-selling book The Da Vinci Code. He went on to reference them in other works.

Top-Selling Professional Headphones

AKG offers a nice line of headphones for professionals and home audiophiles. Check out some of their best!

K-240 Professional Headphones: The K-240s gain the most use in recording studios throughout the world. Musicians like Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones find their performance to be exemplary during playback or recording.

K-81: K-81 DJ headphones offers tremendous sound quality in a smaller package. The headphones are compact and fold for storage making them a popular choice with DJs who are always on the go. Thick padding on the ear cups helps buffer outside noise.

K-242: AKG’s K-242 High-Def headphones ensure quality for the home audiophile. The semi-open headphone model uses AKG’s patented Varimotion diaphragms allowing extreme sound-pressure and dynamic range. The headband adjusts and uses a dual-axis system where it connects to the ear pads to eliminate tightness or pinching.

K-601: When you need a reliable pair of headphones for your home theater or studio equipment, the K-601s feature plush ear pads, a streamlined headband and impressive sound quality. At eight ounces, the headphones are lighter than competitors’ models. The patented Varimotion set up uses dual-layer diaphragms to deliver an enjoyable listening experience.

K-701 Professional Headphones: AKG’s highly praised K-701 Professional Headphones provide immaculate sound quality. They are so clear you’ll hear every sound, no matter how soft. The ear pads utilize a special design that allows them to conform to your ear size. You will never find a more comfortable fit.

K-702: Introduced at a recent industry expo, the K-702s will be the headphones of the future. The soon to be released K-702s include custom-fitted ear pads, a lightweight design and a hard finish that resists scratches. Keep an eye out for these!

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