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Audio Technica ATH D40fs Studio Monitor Headphones with Extended Bass

Looking to step up from your old headphones to a more professional sound? Look no further that the Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs Professional Headphones. These headphones provide an array of features not seen in many other headphones of the same class.

They are most well known for their awesome bass support in the closed back dynamic headphone system as well as their 40mm driver support for ultimate sound quality and clarity.

Not to mention they also have all the features you expect in any professional DJ phones including reversible housing for listening in one ear, C.C.A.W (Copper Clad Aluminum Wound) coil with Neodymium magnets, 11 foot cord for the ultimate in moveability, and a 1/4 inch connector.

When you are looking for headphones, you not only look for superior sound quality, but also the comfort in wearing the headphones.

The Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs Professional Headphones provide both comfort in their super soft ear pads and the best sound you can hear with a max input of 1600 mW. These headphones are nice and big to cover your entire ear so you can tune out all the extra noises and focus on the music.

These headphones are designed for noise-cancellation with a high sensitivity, meaning that they will be the best at canceling out external and unwanted noises. One of the best features about these headphones is that if anything ever goes wrong all the parts are field replaceable so its easy to continue listening to your music even if something gets broken.

The Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs Professional Headphones are a good way to upgrade any existing DJ headphones. They provide the highest technology in their closed back bass system, 40mm driver support, reversible housing, C.C.A.W, and a max input of 1600 mW. They also provide superior comfort with big ear encloses to cancel out ambient noise.

When it all comes down to it, comfort, quality sound, and performance is just what every DJ needs and it is exactly what the Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs's provide. These headphones are a must for any DJ who wants to get the best quality and best sound for their music.

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