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Sennheiser Ultra Lightweight, Closed Design DJ Headphones EH 250

Sennheiser EH250 professional headphones offer exactly what DJs and professionals need. Music professionals can spend hours wearing heavy headphones leading to head and neck discomfort. Not anymore!

Cushiony, faux-leather pads provide the ultimate in luxury for hours on end. Yet, the material is durable and long lasting providing years of enjoyment. The headphones are so light and comfortable; you barely notice they are even on your head. These are meant to be long lasting. In fact, the headphone cable and ear pads can be exchanged, as needed, eliminating the expense of purchasing a new headphone set. 

For those who like to look at the technical stats, you'll be delighted with the 14 Hz-18 kHz frequency response, 112 db sensitivity and 32 ohm impedance. In general terms, the sound quality is extreme.

There's no argument there. Neodymium magnets help enhance bass tones and outstanding treble. The use of neodymium magnets helps clarify these tones. Sennheiser EH250 headphones are built to last and are even suitable for outdoor use. The headset blocks outside sounds so that you hear even the softest tones. The 3.5 mm plug comes with an adapter suitable for 6.3 mm jacks. Three meters of cable provides room for you to wander. 

Sennheiser EH250 insists on creating outstanding products. Oxygen-free copper cable allows sounds to travel flawlessly. Tones sound so clear, it's just like being at a live performance. Meanwhile, the headphones are designed to avoid adding excessive weight.

They provide quality sound without you noticing you're wearing them. The headphones weigh a mere four ounces! The Hi-Fi stereo headphones offer great sound and matched with incredible comfort, you'll wish you'd discovered these sooner. 

Tired of going through multiple pairs of headphones every year? Is the expense is enough to drive you crazy? It's time to buy headphones that last. Sennheiser EH250 headphones come with a two-year warranty. When you want excellent sound quality and durability, you will find these exceed your greatest expectations.

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