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Sennheiser HD555 Binaural Stereo Headphones

Today's audiophile expects theater quality sounds. Sennheiser HD 555 use Sennheiser's patented Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement to deliver outstanding sound quality.

Using aluminum coils, high and low tones come through clearly making these a perfect choice for stereo systems and home theaters. Sennheiser uses Duofol diaphragms attached to the aluminum coils to provide extreme clarity to any tone or pitch. Not to mention, the headphones are designed to be comfortable for hours.

Those wearing glasses generally find that headphones are a pain to wear. The headband puts pressure on the eyeglasses arms providing an uncomfortable fit and often creating sores around the ears and temple.

Sennheiser HD 555 bypasses this common problem by padding the ear pads with plush velour and extra padding around the entire earpiece. In addition, the headband is also lined with ultra-soft padding.

Sennheiser HD 555 Dynamic headphones feature impressive sound levels. With impedance of 50 ohms, frequency response of 15 Hz to 28 kHz and sensitivity levels of 112 dB, you get a lot of volume from the lightweight headphones. Circumaural ear pads surround the ear blocking outside noise and helping direct even minute sounds into the ear ensuring a perfect listening experience every time.

The total weight of the Sennheiser HD 555 is nine ounces. As they are very light, you can wear them for a long time and never have them feel bulky.

They come with a ten-foot cable allowing you to simply plug them in and then you can sit some distance away without issue. The cable includes a 6.3 mm plug and a 3.5 mm adapter. The cable detaches from the headphones making it easy to take a break or replace the cable without needing to buy an entire new headphone set.

Sennheiser HD 555 includes a two-year warranty. The headphones are built to stand the test of time and extreme use. In general, these headphones will quickly become your favorites.

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