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Sennheiser PX200 Collapsible Stereo Headphones - Folding Mini Headphone

The Sennheiser PX 200 Professional headphones incorporate ideal features into a very small package. Bass and treble response exceeds expectations courtesy of the unique Duofol diaphragm design.

Setting these headphones apart is the addition of the Bass Tube that amplifies bass. With today's fast, bass-driven songs, these headphones provide concert-quality sounds.

Listening to audio recordings on public transportation is taxing to the average listener. Outside noise seeps in distracting from the music or audio program playing. Sennheiser PX 200 Professional headphones block outside noise thanks to the thick padding on the ear pads and Sennheiser's top-notch stereo sound. The dynamic, closed transducer ensures crystal sounds.

Add in impedance of 32 ohm, sensitivity of 115 dB and frequency response of 10 Hz to 21 kHz, and the final result is music or audio that resonates. Minimal distortion prevents annoying interruptions and feedback. Plus, the headphones prevent your noise from leaking out into your surroundings. You can listen at school, home or work without distracting others.

PX 200 headphones come with a standard 3.5 mm jack. For larger plug-ins, a 6.35 mm adapter is included. The cable is more than 4.5 feet giving you room to move without worries of becoming unplugged from your player or computer. The cable and ear pad coverings can be replaced should they wear out. Given the two-year warranty, you can be certain that the headphones withstand plenty of use.

Imagine having headphones that quickly fold up into a small, portable package. Using Sennheiser's patented Fold and Flip design, you fold the ear pads up into the headband when not in use. This small bundle then fits in a sturdy case that measures approximately five inches in height and three inches in width.

The case fits into most pockets making the Sennheiser PX 200 Professional headphones easy to bring with you during your daily routine.Sennheiser PX 200 Professional headphones provide the utmost in sound quality without being bulky or hard to transport. Their compact size makes them a perfect choice for school, home, work or while out running errands.

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