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Germany’s Sennheiser Electronic Corporation launched in 1945 by a group of engineers including Fritz Sennheiser. The company, then called Labor W, started small working out of a tiny laboratory right after the end of the war. Their very first product, a voltmeter, would lead them to bigger and better electronics.

Within ten years, Sennheiser expanded to a whopping 250 employees. Renamed after the founder, the company focused its development of microphones and other sound equipment. Fritz remained at control until 1982 when his son took over.

Sennheiser is proud of its business model known as 3-D:

When you look at musicians who rely on Sennheiser for both live performances and studio work, you’ll be surprised to see some rather huge names. Country smash Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton are amount them. Motley Crue’s Vince Neill and Paramore also use Sennheiser.

Finally, You’ll see Sennheiser at the American Music Awards and the Latin GRAMMY Awards. Sennheiser is a trusted name among today’s hottest musicians.

Top-Selling Headphone Models

Sennheiser offers a wide array of headphones for both consumers and professionals. Peek at their hottest models.

CX500: Sennheiser’s CX500s ear buds exceed user’s expectations. Great at blocking ambient sounds, the ear buds come with adapters to help create a tight fit within the ear canal.

EH250: The EH250s provide hi-fi sound with enhanced bass response. Imitation leather ear pads are durable and provide extra comfort.

HD212Pro: These professional headphones offer exceptional insulation against outside noise making them suitable for DJs and sound technicians.

HD215: HD215s offer a rotating ear cup for one-ear monitoring. In addition, the cable attaches to one ear cup making them easier to work with.

HD25SP: Smaller than traditional headphones, the HD25SP closed-dynamic headphones provide excellent sound considering their condensed size.

HD280Pro: Sennheiser’s HD280Pro headphones are of a closed, circumaural design. They are built to last but easily collapse for storage.

HD515: If you want a standard headphone that ensures top-notch sound quality, the HD515 are a great choice. The E.A.R. technology provides exceptional pick up of low, high and mid-ranges.

HD555: Sennheiser includes their “Surround Reflector” technology in the HD555s. Bring surround sound to your headphones and listen to your favorite movies in a whole new way!

HD595: The HD595 headphones are the perfect choice for audiophiles. The lightweight, Open-Aire design remains comfortable for hours. E.A.R. technology delivers exceptional sound.

HD600: Sennheiser’s HD600 are dynamic, hi-fi professional headphones geared for use with CD, DAT and DCC systems.

HD650: HD650 headphones utilize Kevlar for incredible durability and are designed for use with CD, DVD-A and SACD players.

PX100: The PX100 supraaural headphones are a great choice for MP3 users. They are compact, very light and fold into a pocket-sized container.

PX200: When you need to buffer outside sounds while listening to your portable audio system, the PX200s will work well. Accentuated bass is great for today’s music.

PXC450: Sennheiser adds their patented NoiseGard system to their PXC450 headphones. Ninety percent of outside noises are blocked. You can bypass this feature when talking to others in the room.





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