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Shure E2c Earphones with High Performance Dynamic Speakers

Shure E2c Consumer Headphones combine concert-quality sound and a comfortable, noise-blocking fit. After discussing the ins and outs of what musicians like Oasis and Everclear desire, Shure used this research in their design of the affordable E2c ear buds.

E2c’s Design Is Big On Sound

Start with the simple design. At one ounce, the Shure E2c Consumer Headphones block out ambient sounds extremely well considering their size. Tiny ear buds come with flexible sleeves that help mold the ear buds into your ear canal regardless of size.

Experience concert-quality sound for a fraction of the cost of top-line models. Shure E2c consumer ear buds feature exceptional sound quality. Check out the specs:

Shure E2c Consumer Headphones come with a standard 3.5 mm gold-plated plug. Connections are tight providing reliable sound time after time.

Expect Extras With Your E2c’s

Typical ear buds come with approximately three feet of cable. Shure makes sure you have room to move! E2c’s come with an impressive five-feet of cord length.

Included is a handy carrying case for safe storage of your Shure E2c ear buds. It is easy to misplace your MP3 headphones. With a storage case, they’re protected from dust and elements. In addition, you will always know where they are.

Shure E2c consumer headphones come with an unexpected two-year warranty. While competition throw short-lived warranties at consumers, Shure provides one of the best on the market.

E2c’s unique design provides snug placement of the ear buds into the outer ear. While they won’t block every sound around you, they definitely lessen ambient noise. You hear your music and little else.

Listening to your music or audio recording on your cell phone or MP3 player is a treat with the Shure E2c consumer headphones. The design blocks out most outside noises preventing the need to crank up your player to drown out traffic noise.

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