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Shure E3C Sound Isolating Earphones - In Ear Headphones

Shure E3c Consumer headphones provide great form and outstanding sound quality taking ear buds to a new level. The adjustable fit keeps ambient sounds to a minimum. Focus on your music, not traffic sounds.

With Shure’s E3c ear buds, experience concert-quality performances. In fact, they were designed using feedback from top musicians like Jethro Tull. Every note, low or high, comes through crystal clear. Placing the ear buds deep within your ear canal accentuates powerful bass tones.

Shure E3c’s Highlights

Flexible sleeves ensure a tight fit within the ear canal to block outside noise. In addition, disposable sleeves made of durable foam help add padding when needed. Shure E3c’s in-ear headphones block traffic noise and other ambient sounds making it easy to focus solely on your music or audio recording.

Lightweight components help keep the Shure E3c Consumer headphones from feeling awkward. At less than one ounce of weight, the ear buds are barely noticeable during use. They remain comfortable for hours.

Experience Exceptional Sound Quality with E3c Ear Buds

Shure E3c Consumer ear buds provide rich sound quality with normal levels of bass. Pushing the ear buds deeper into the ear canal offers stronger bass notes. Feedback and outside sounds are never an issue.

Look at the specifications:

Shure E3c Comes With Extras

Most ear buds come with a standard cable length of three feet. Shure goes beyond this providing an impressive five feet of cable length. You have room to move without pulling your ear buds from your player.

Not only do the E3c ear buds come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, they also offer a two-year warranty. Shure stands behind their products!

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