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Shure E4C Sound Isolating Earphones - In Ear Headphones

Shure E4c Consumer Headphones merge their space-age design with outstanding performance. Despite their tiny size, expect mind-blowing sound quality that enhances bass and treble.

For years, Shure has wowed audiophiles throughout the world. Their key to success is simple. They take the time to interview those using ear buds most often—professional musicians. By asking what they desire, Shure turns out quality products like the E4c Consumer Headphones.

Shure E4c Consumer Headphones generously provide five feet of cable. You can listen to your MP3 player or computer and have a little room to move around without having to unplug your headphones.

Many ear bud headphones are uncomfortable to wear. Shure’s lightweight E4c headphones come with a number of adaptors to ensure a great fit. Moreover, they weigh one ounce or the equivalent of one slice of white bread.

Experience Front-Row Sound Quality

Inside every Shure E4c ear bud is a miniscule hi-def speaker system that uses Shure’s “Tuned Port Technology” to amplify bass. The ear buds are designed to be sleek and allow air to flow for outstanding projection.

The technical aspects are equally impressive:

Shure E4c’s Eliminate Ambient Sounds

Noise from traffic or your surroundings are virtually eliminated. Whether you are using your Shure E4c Consumer Ear Buds at work, on the go or at school, you hear your music and little else.

Each Shure E4c Consumer Headphone ear bud comes with a variety of sound-blocking adaptors to ensure a snug fit. The “Flex Sleeves” and the “Soft Flex Sleeves” each come in small, medium and large. Simply find the sleeve that fits and feels best within your ear.

Guaranteed To Last

Every pair of Shure E4c Consumer Headphones is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply return them.

In addition, Shure provides a two-year warranty on their ear buds. The Shure E4c Consumer Headphones are meant to outshine the competition.

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