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Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones - In Ear Headphones

Shure E5c Consumer Headphones take you to a world where every tone, note and frequency is heard with distinction. Whisper soft noises are accentuated, while bass reverberates like never before.

Thanks to a solid reputation and outstanding reviews, Shure’s E Series headphones have won numerous awards. With continual advancements improving stereo quality, you are in for a treat with the Shure E5c Consumer Headphones.

For decades, Shure has been a leader in audio advancements. Starting as a retailer for radio parts, the company now is widely touted as being the best headphone manufacturer in the world. Shure’s E5c Consumer Headphones are the crème de la crème when it comes to ear buds.

E5c Consumer Headphones Take Music To A New Level

Bands like Pink Floyd are known for creating unique songs that fully utilize each speaker. Shure E5c Consumer Headphones capture every precise sound.

Just look at the sound quality offered with the Shure E5c Consumer Headphones.

Enjoy A Comfortable Fit With Shure E5c Headphones

Shure E5c Consumer Headphones come with a nice selection of foam adaptors to provide you with the best possible fit. The sleeves buffer outside sounds guaranteeing all you hear is your music or audio program.

Additionally, the cables are easily shaped to fit the curve of your ear. Rather than trail down your jaw line like most ear bud headphones, E5c cables tuck behind your ears ensuring they do not get in your way. Once used, the cables retain their shape.

At a little over one ounce, Shure E5c ear buds never feel heavy or awkward. You will find they’re so comfortable, you barely notice you’re wearing them.

With Shure E5c Consumer Headphones, sound quality and durability go hand in hand. Each set comes with a handy carrying case and impressive two-year warranty. You can’t go wrong.

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