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Sidney Shure founded Shure Radio in 1925. He started his career selling radio parts from his office in Chicago. One year later, he released his first mail-order catalog. At the time, he was one of six companies to sell radio parts, so he already had a strong start. Within three years, his brother joined the company and they hired 75 employees. Sadly, this move would prove futile when the Depression hit. Most of the employees were laid off.

Shure rebounded however when they made the move to specialize in microphones. By 1932, Shure was one of four companies introduce a lightweight, two-button microphone. This was the beginning in a number of microphone firsts leading up to a major contract with the United States military during WWII.

During the war, the need for microphone headsets came into play. Shure created their first headset microphones that pilots could wear in their cockpits. This would lead to an illustrious career making quality headsets that block out ambient noises while providing exceptional sound quality.

Major Accomplishments In The Headphone Industry

In the 1940s, Shure met the military’s request and came up with a headset microphone, the T-30, that pilots could use to communicate while in flight. They adopted MILSPEC standards at that time.

In 2003, Shure wins a GRAMMY Award for “Outstanding Contributions of Technical Significance to the Recording Industry.”

One year later, Shure decides to increase production of consumer headphones due to increasing demand following the popularity of their E Series.

In 2006, Shure finalized their line of noise-cancellation headphones. This included their patented “Push-to-Hear” technology that lets headphone users turn off the sound isolation for conversations.

Finally, in 2007, Shure introduced their MPA, Music Phone Adapter.

Top-Selling Headphone Models

E2c: E2c ear buds were designed for musicians. Dynamic micro-drivers relay clear sound. Adapters are included to ensure the ear buds fit snugly within the ear.

E3c: These ear buds block outside noises and offer increased frequency response. The E3c headphones are small. Custom-fit earpieces ensure they fit anyone’s ears.

E4c: Winner of Cnet’s Editor’s Choice award, the E4c’s come with adapters for a tight fit that blocks exterior

sounds. Lightweight and comfortable, you’ll find these are great headphones.

E5c: Twin speakers in the E5c’s create a solid sound experience. Bass and treble reverberate nicely. It’s like wearing a pair of quality over-the-ear headphones in a lightweight ear bud form.

E500PTH: The sound-isolating E500PTH ear buds are extremely lightweight and adapters ensure a comfortable fit. Triple hi-def drivers include one tweeter and two woofers per bud providing concert-like sound quality.

SE530PTH: Shure’s Push-to-Hear ear buds are one of a kind. Triple TruAcoustic speakers provide rich sounds, while the PTH function allows the user to turn off the sound blocking function for conversations.




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