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Skullcandy G.I Over Ear Stereo Headphones

Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones provide optimal sound quality from a traditional over-the-ear headphone format. They blow listeners away with exceptional bass and treble and come in six trendy colors.

Over-the-ear headphones often feel heavy and uncomfortable, not the Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones. Their lightweight design contains ample amounts of padding on the ear pads and headband ensuring a nice, snug fit.

Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones Come With Extras

You’ll be amazed with the extras provided with every pair of Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones. First, your headphones come with a handy storage case. In addition, you receive additional ear pads in case one pair wears out after excessive use.

Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones come with a standard gold-plated 3.5 mm plug. However, for larger jacks, a 6.35 mm adapter is included.

Great Color Choices

Best of all, with the Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones come in six colors.

Skull Candy’s Superb Sound Quality

Music and audio recordings are extremely lucid and powerful thanks to the design of the Skull Candy G.I. Headphones. Just look at the specifications.

Bass and treble are distinct. You’ll hear every minute sound your audio recording provides. Listening to songs through the Skull Candy G.I. Headphones, you will pick up instruments and music that you typically miss on run-of-the-mill headphones and ear buds. Experience exceptional sound quality from a rather compact set of headphones.

Skull Candy G.I. Headphones are great for every day or professional use. They’re a favorite of D.J.’s. More than three-feet of cable gives you plenty of room to move around while using them.

Hear your audio recordings with amazing clarity. Skull Candy G.I. Headphones are comfortable to wear and offer a hip look that stands out in any crowd.

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