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Skullcandy SK Pro DJ Headphones

Skull Candy SK Pro Professional Headphones combine a retro, over-the-head look with amazing sound quality. The headphones fit comfortably on your head while covering the ears completely providing rich, amplified sound.

Designed for professional DJ’s, Skull Candy SK Pro Professional Headphones offer any audiophile the chance to hear music in amazing detail. Comfortable and powerful, these over-the-head headphones block out most ambient noise and come in a variety of bold colors and designs.

Amazing Sound Quality From Skull Candy

Start with the Skull Candy SK Pro Professional Headphone’s 50 mm speaker system. Each ear is treated to synchronized sound that reverberates well. Low and high notes, bass and treble are tremendously crisp.

Skull Candy SK Pro headphones deliver exceptional sound quality regardless of your media. They feature plenty of power considering their smaller size.

Enjoy A Comfortable Fit

Skull Candy SK Pro Professional Headphones gear up for extended us. Soft leather ear cups and a padded headband ensure the fit remains comfortable for hours.

Extra padding in the SK Pro ear cups helps filter extraneous outside noise so that you focus solely on your game, music or movie. No matter where you are, you’ll hear only the sound coming from your player.

Need to talk to someone? It’s easy with the Skull Candy SK Pros, the ear cups swivel at a 90-degree angle. Simply move the ear pad away from your ear and back again.

Super Choice For Work Or Home

Skull Candy SK Pro Professional Headphones exceed their competition. One of the best features is the oversized cable. You have nearly 13 feet of play. The cable comes with a 3.5 mm plug and a screw-on adapter for your 6.35 mm jacks.

Your over-the-head Skull Candy SK Pro’s come with a handy carrying case. Enjoy concert-quality sound from these trendy headphones.

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