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Skullcandy Ti Stereo Headphones

The sleek, black Skull Candy Ti Consumer Headphones take jaw-dropping sound quality and throw in a convenient microphone in the over-the-head design. Chat to friends or family with unbelievable clarity; it sounds like they’re right in the room.

Online gamers will love the Skull Candy Ti Consumer Headphones. Hear everything going on in your game, including conversations; you won’t deal with lost conversations due to static.

Skull Candy TI Consumer Headphone Specifications

The Skull Candy Ti Consumer Headphones are compatible with any chat or video chat program, including Skype. The microphone is well placed within close proximity of your mouth without being in the way.

Technical details for sound quality are impressive.

With the Skull Candy Ti Consumer Headphones, you’ll hear every sound without interruption. Talk away without the conversation dropping.Thick ear pad coverings help filter ambient noise guaranteeing you only hear what you want to hear.

Experience True Comfort

The out-of-the-way placement of the microphone is only one of the benefits to these headphones. Skull Candy Ti Consumer Headphones feature extra padding on the ear pads and thick padding on the headband. You’ll barely feel like you’re wearing them.

The Ti headphones come with an additional set of ear pads. Simply remove the old ones if they show signs of wear. Next, pop on the new ones, and you’re good to go.

With more than nine feet of cable, you have room to wander while wearing the Skull Candy Ti Consumer Headphones. Take a trip to the fridge without having to unplug from your machinery.

Skull Candy Ti Consumer Headphones are modern, sleek and provide incredibly rich sounds. The strong design and top-notch stereo sound exceed expectations. Now you can enjoy DJ quality headphones in the comfort of your own home.

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