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Sony MDR 7505 Professional Folding Headphones

Sony MDR-7505 Professional Headphones completely cover the ears to deliver quality sound and buffer exterior noises. These larger, professional headphones offer swivel cups making it easy to talk to someone without having to take the headset off.Sony’s MDR-7505 professional over-the-ears headphones are geared for the budget minded.

They may not be the prettiest headphones on the market, but they do offer great sound quality, comfortable ear cups that swivel out of the way when needed and fold for storage.

Sony MDR-7505 Technical Information

Sony MDR-7505 Professional Headphones surround the ear providing ultimate noise-blocking properties. Because outside traffic, voices and other sounds are filtered, you can focus solely on your recordings. No more noisy interruptions!

In addition to ambient noises being eliminated, experience concert-like sound.

You know how some songs start whisper-soft making it difficult to hear what’s being played or said. You’ll never miss a note with the Sony MDR-7505 Professional Headphones.

Additional Features For The MDR-7505’s

The Sony MDR-7505 Professional Headphones come with a standard 3.5 mm gold-plated plug. In addition, Sony includes a 6.25 mm adapter for larger jacks.

Ten-feet of cable makes it easy to move around while wearing your Sony MDR-7505s. Many headphones offer limited cable length, but Sony goes the extra distance.

The padded ear cups snugly fit over the ears. The headphones are designed so that the ear cup easily rotates off the ear as needed. Rather than taking the headphones off to engage in conversation, move the ear cups out of the way.

All Sony MDR-7505 Professional Headphones come with a storage case. When you’re done using your headphones, they fold up and fit into the compact case.

Perfect for industry professionals who do not want to overspend on a set of headphones, Sony MDR-7505 Professional Headphones offer a simple design and great sound quality. By spending less, you get a pair of rocking headphones.

Manufacturer's Product Details: Sony Pro Audio




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