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Sony MDR SA3000 DJ Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR-SA3000 Professional Headphones provide a refreshing change of pace for fans of over-the-head enthusiasts. Superior sound quality is enhanced by the headband’s open-air design.

The framing of Sony’s MDR-SA3000 headphones is crafted from lightweight carbon. The result is a modern pair of headphones that fit nicely over the ears. Meanwhile, the overheating issue that often occurs with hours of headphone use is eliminated.

Outside or inside, the Sony MDR-SA3000s will not leave your head or ears feeling hot and itchy. You can enjoy impressive sound quality without giving up your comfort.

Check Out The Specifications

Sony MDR-SA3000 Professionals Headphones suit any audiophile. Large drivers ensure deep bass, rich trebles and vibrant lows or highs.

There’s a difference between hearing the music and really feeling it. Sony MDR-SA3000 helps you achieve the true power of audio.

Sony MDR-SA3000 Additional Features

The fully adjustable headband on the MDR-SA3000s fits like a glove. The mesh-like design ensures heat is not trapped.

Sony MDR-SA3000 comes with a standard 3.5 mm plug. In addition, a screw-on 6.35 mm adapter is included. Both plugs are gold-plated providing the best possible connection time after time.

Ear pads are padded with plush pads that evenly distribute pressure allowing you to wear them for hours. Manmade ear pads tend to trap moisture. Sony includes real leather ear pads that are buttery soft and allow for optimal airflow.

In between uses, Sony MDR-SA3000s come with a handy storage case. You’ll always know where your headphones are. Plus, protect them from damage by keeping them safe.

Sony MDR-SA3000 Headphones will turn any skeptic into a firm believer. Over-the-ear headphones are the greatest choice.

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