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Sony MDR SA5000 DJ Stereo Headphones

Crafted from extremely lightweight magnesium, Sony MDR-SA5000 Professional Headphones provide fierce sound in their 9-ounce package. Professionals are amazed at how comfortable these circumaural headphones are, even after days of continued use.

Though more expensive than other Sony models, MDR-SA5000s come packed with unexpected pleasures. Supreme sound quality is only the beginning. Experts designed these Sony’s to pamper professionals throughout the day.

Instead of cumbersome headsets that trap moisture, MDR-SA5000s allow air to flow. You won’t get hot wearing these, even after hours of use.

Sony MDR-SA5000 Features

One of Sony MDR-SA5000 Professional Headphones’ best features is the distinctive design. Instead of a solid headband, the MDR-SA5000s feature an adjustable mesh band that cradles the head. The wider band provides a better, non-slip fit.

When they are not in use, the Sony MDR-SA5000 Professional Headphones come with a display stand. Keep them safely out of the way on your desk or shelf.

Genuine leather covers the foam ear pads. The high-quality foam allows pressure to disperse throughout the pad eliminating any pressure points. In addition, the leather allows air to flow freely around the ears preventing any sweat from building up.

Sony MDR-SA5000 Product Specifications

While their lightweight design rocks, MDR-SA5000 headphones provide optimum sound quality suitable to home and business use. Experience rich, concert-quality audio.

The Sony MDR-SA5000 Headphone’s cable ends in a gold-plated 3.5 mm plug. Also included is a 6.35 screw-on adaptor for larger jacks. Gold plating allows for optimal conductivity.

MDR-SA5000s Stand Out

At nine ounces, Sony’s MDR-SA5000 Headphones beat most competitors’ brands. The company’s put a lot of thought into creating headphones that are durable, comfortable and easy to use.

Sony MDR-SA5000 Headphones are high-end, but they are definitely worth it! At home, bring home theater to a new dimension. Professionals will find the comfort and quality can’t be topped.

Manufacturer's Product Details: Sony




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