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Sony MDR V300 Monitor Series Headphones with Folding Design

The Sony MDR-V300 Professional Headphones feature a streamlined design and great hi-fi stereo sound. Ear cups fold into the headband allowing for easy portability when you’re on the go.

Sony MDR-V300 Professional Headphones’ suggested price makes them accessible to anyone on a budget. Considering how much power they deliver, the price is very reasonable.

Sony MDR-V300 Professional Headphones Technical Specifications

Home users will love Sony’s MDR-V300 Professional Headphones, while professionals might be surprised by their powerful punch. They tackle heavy, bass-driven music with ease delivering extremely clarity and crisp tones.

The ten-foot cable included with the Sony MDR-V300 headphones gives you plenty of room to move while on the job or enjoying your home audio. The cable ends in a high-quality 3.5 mm gold-plated plug. A 6.35 mm screw-on adapter is included for larger applications.

Additional Features With the MDR-V300s

Sony MDR-V300 closed, supra-aural headphones feature swivel ear cups. When you need to converse with someone or hear what’s going on around you, simply twist the headphone away. This handy feature simplifies life when you’re working or have others around.

Extra padding around the ear cups serves to provide a comfortable fit. In addition, they help block out extraneous outside sounds. Filter traffic noise allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your audio programs or music.

The headband on the Sony MDR-V300 Professional Headphones is wider than typical models. The larger size eliminates uncomfortable pressure points.

A common complaint from over-the-head headphone users is how heat builds up on your ears and head with excessive use. Designers included a gap in the headband allowing for airflow.

Sony MDR-V300 Professional Headphones offer precision sound for any budget. The small design provides a lightweight fit that remains pleasant, even after hours of wear.

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