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Sony MDR V6 Closed Back Stereo Studio Monitor Headphones

Take wide, well-shaped headband and add outstanding hi-fi stereo sound to create the Sony MDR-V6 Professional Headphones. Thick padding on the ear pads block out most ambient sounds. Happily enjoy your audio recordings without interruption.

Audiophiles rave over the Sony headphones for good reason. Developed to accentuate today’s digital recordings, Sony MDR-V6 Professional Headphones dish a power-packed performance no matter where you are.

At work or play, there are times you need a decent set of headphones that allow you to listen to your music, computer or audio equipment without disturbing those around you. Sony MDR-V6 Professional Headphones provide deep, rich tones that others won’t hear.

Sony MDR-V6 Specifications

Close to an inch of dense foam surrounds your ear. The design keeps your recordings from infiltrating a room, while keeping ambient noises from bothering you. The circumaural design on the MDR-V6 headphones direct music or audio recordings exactly where they need to go!

While many headphones use circular ear pads, Sony uses an oval shaped ear pad to cover any ear size. Experience extreme comfort and the best possible fit with Sony MDR-V6 Professional Headphones.

When you’re done using your Sony MDR-V6 Professional Headphones, the ear cups fold up making them easy to store. A storage case is included and easily fits into a briefcase, backpack or purse.

Unlike narrower headbands, the Sonly MDR-V6 headband is wide and fully adjustable to prevent slipping. A layer of padding distributes pressure preventing uncomfortable pressure points.

Extreme Audio Quality

Sony MDR-V6 Professional Headphones come with impressive 44 mm drivers. There is a lot of room for music to reverberate with these headphones.

Sony MDR-V6 Professional Headphones are high quality and long lasting. Designed for professionals, they make great headphones for home theater and gaming systems. Comfortable for hours, you’ll enjoy every moment you have them on.

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