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Sony MDR V600 Studio Monitor Headphones with Circum-Aural Earcups

Sony MDR-V600 Professional Headphones incorporate aura-nomic design into their high quality over-the-ear sets. By angling the drivers, the sound system is lined up directly with the eardrum providing exceptional sound quality.

Because music and audio recordings are directed into the ear, you experience concert-like quality without losing any volume to the padding or structure. Sony MDR-V600 Professional Headphones take headphone design to the extreme.

Sony MDR-V600 Professional Headphones Stand Out

Purchasing headphones is a tough decision. Durability is equally important to sound quality. Sony MDR-V600 headphones come with a circumaural design. The oval ear cups completely cover any size ear.

Thick padding blocks outside noise ensuring you hear exactly what you need. For those who may need to listen to conversations going on around them, Sony MDR-V600 features one-ear listening. Swivel one ear cup away from the head and you’ll experience the best of both worlds.

Sony MDR-V600 Professional Headphones come with a ten-foot cable. Unlike other models, the cable attaches to one ear cup rather than two. You’ll appreciate this convenient feature.

A convenient storage case is included. The Sony MDR-V600’s ear cups fold into the headband. This smaller, packaged bundle then fits into a backpack, purse or briefcase. You’ll always know where your headphones are.

Specifications for Sony MDR-V600 Headphones

Copper-clad aluminum cabling offers the best in conductivity. Meanwhile, the cable construction is lightweight and doesn’t weigh you down. With ten feet of room, you have space to move around.

As you clearly see, Sony MDR-V600 Professional Headphones provide hearty bass and rich treble. Low and high notes sound sharp every time. The sound quality is amazing.

Sony MDR-V600 Professional Headphones are built for professionals but sold at a price that any audiophile is happy to pay. Affordability and excellent sound quality go hand in hand.

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