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Sony MDR V700DJ Headphones Studio Monitor Series DJ Headphones

Sony MDR-V700DJ Professional Headphones provide audiophiles with the features they most desire. Expect extra-large drivers, swivel ear cups and a comfortable design. These headphones make it easy to plug-in and enjoy the show!

By designing headphones to meet the needs of professionals, Sony’s headphones blow users away. Music has never sounded better. Movie soundtracks bring you into the action.

Even if you are using the headphones at work, Sony’s MDR-700DJ Professional Headphones exceed expectations. They’re extremely comfortable to wear and withstand excessive use.

Technical Information For Sony MDR-V700DJs

Sony MDR-V700DJ Professional Headphones provide mind-blowing sound quality. The swivel ear cups feature an auto-return system allowing you to move the ear cups away and back with ease.

Great Price, Great Quality

Sony MDR-V700DJ’s oversized headband provides a nice fit without slipping. Extra padding helps prevent painful pressure points even after hours of wear.

Thick padding on the ear pads help block out aggravating ambient noise. Moreover, your ears will not feel pinned down. The ear pads are large and completely cover the ears while padding provides additional room.

The ear pads swivel away from the ears for conversations. You can also reverse the ear cups when needed for single-sided monitoring.

One of the nicest features to the Sony MDR-V700DJ Professional Headphones is the built-in hanger. The plug contains a special area where the headphones can be securely hung.

When you’re finished listening for the day, fold the ear pads into the headband. Sony includes a carrying case where the MDR-V700DJs can be safely stored until next time.

Designed to look stylish for any gender or occupation, the silver Sony MDR-V700DJ Professional Headphones draw the eye. You get plenty of extras, including exceptional performance, considering the asking price.

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