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Following WWII, Masaru Ibuka opened a small repair shop in Tokyo where he fixed radios. His success led him to take on a partner, Akio Morita, and name their new shop, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation.

In the 1950s, Ibuka visited the United Sates when here learned about transistors. Before leaving, he received license to the technology to bring back to Japan. This led to the release of the TR-55 transistor radio, Sony’s first big commercial venture.

Morita and Ibuka realized that their company’s Japanese name, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, would baffle people from around the globe. They needed a name that captured their company that was easily pronounced and didn’t already exist. Using the Latin word “sonus,” they came up with Sony.

As the years progressed, Sony branched out into other products ranging from headphones to televisions and game systems to DVD players. Sony is the world’s leading authority on electronics.

Important Events in the Development of Sony’s Headphones

The MDR-NC500D headphones released in 2008 with much anticipation. Sony stated the headphones blocked out 99 percent of all ambient sounds.

Another 2008 release involved the release of Bluetoothâ headphones that eliminate wires and cables from getting tangled or developing frays that deteriorate sound quality.

Finally, in 2008 Sony developed a line of headphones for children. Low in price and big on sound, the headphones are smaller to fit children’s heads. The headphones only have the cable on one side to prevent children from getting the wiring caught around their necks.

Best-selling Sony Models

MDR-7505: The MDR-7505s are Sony’s professional headphone model that includes a tight seal to block out sounds in louder locations. 40 mm drivers and neodymium magnets offer crystal sound quality.

MDR-7509: The MDR-7509 Professional Headphones are designed to be durable. 50 mm drivers amplify bass without drowning out other sounds. The circumaural design blocks out ambient noises and provides a snug fit.

MDR-DS6000: These wireless headphones come with a recharging base for storage. DS6000s provide digital surround sound that amplifies bass. As they are wireless, you needn’t worry about tripping over cords.

MDR-SA3000: Offering plenty of power in a small, breathable design, the MRD-SA3000s provide listeners with strong bass and treble while allowing soft tones to come through with incredible sharpness. Genuine leather ear pads contain extra foam to block out ambient noise and provide a comforting fit.

MDR-SA5000: The unique design of the SA5000s allows air to flow when worn. You avoid the hot, itchy sensation for this reason. Impressive drivers allow bass and treble to resonate.

MDR-V300: Affordably priced, the V300 over-the-head headphones are very small and lightweight. The supraaural design helps block outside noises while providing clarity to low and high ranges.

MDR-V500DJ: Over-the-head headphones provide rich audio. Reversible earcups come in handy to DJs. 40 mm drivers amplify bass.

MDR-V6: MDR-V6 are designed for the studio. Hi-Fi stereo sound provides clarity and power. The earcups fold into the headband for easy portability.

MDR-V600: The circumaural design of the MDR-V600s block out most ambient sounds. Developed for studio and professional use, extra padding on the headband and earcups provide hours of comfort.

MDR-V700DJ: Sony’s MDR-V700DJ headphones provide professional DJs and audio technicians with swivel earcups for one-ear listening. When you’re done, they have a unique auto-return that puts them back in place.

MDR-V900: MDR-V900 Studio Headphones offer hi-def sound quality from a convenient design. The earcups neatly fold into the headband and then are stored in a handy carrying case. 50 mm drivers offer impressive frequency response.





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