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Stanton DJ Pro 1000 Mk II S Stereo DJ Headphones

If you are looking for a lightweight, dependable, professional headphone, the Stanton DJ PRO 1000's are for you. These headphones have premium quality sound thanks to their wide frequency range from 20 Hz-20000 Hz and support heavy duty bass drivers to really get your bass pumping.

They weigh in at a light 7.05 oz. so you will always be more conformable while wearing them. They sport a 9 foot, 1/4 inch cord which has the best feature of all, its fully and easily replaceable even in the field.

These headphones are a nice affordable way to upgrade from your old headphones to a more professional feel when you get behind the turn tables. They can really give you a lot of bang for your buck with a max input of 500 mW. The ear cups on the DJ PRO 1000's surround your whole ear to enclose you in your music and keep all that outside noise out. If you are looking to step up from an old pair of cheap, low quality headphones these headphones can provide a low price for multiple professional features.

Professional Features:

So if you are looking at climbing the DJ ladder anytime soon, make sure you trash your old low quality headphones for a pair of affordable yet professional Stanton DJ PRO Headphones. The DJ PRO 1000 model boasts a variety of high end features at a nice low cost for the DJ on a budget. Not to mention these headphones come with extras like a carrying case, lightweight big ear cups, and an adjustable headband.

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